Forest Bathing

Slow down, look closely and pause to hear the song birds over head. The Japanese call it Shin-rin Yoku. We call it Forest Bathing. I am a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. There are now over 350 guides globally, we open the door to nature's ability to calm and bring peace to as many people as possible to heal the planet, each other and ourselves. 

Click here to listen to Kara on ABC Hobart evening program is Louise Sanders talking about the art of forest bathing, including some daily tips.

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I invite you to close your eyes...

All invitations are 100% optional, there is no right or wrong. You will be guided through a series of activities to tune into your senses, slow down and rediscover your true relationship with nature.  Sensory Forest Bathing walks are at least 2 hours, to allow enough time for a journey into nature and out again, and to sip tea together under the trees. 

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Every time is different.

You can go as deep or as light as the individuals choose. Nature is always changing and so are we. Invitations and activities are always different, they can be playful or still, in silence or bursting into laughter. 

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Give yourself the gift of peace.

I believe our greatest humility and greatest hope is to connect deeply to nature. To do so we must smell the air after the rain, watch the sunset and touch the earth.