Nature connection is in my bloodline. As the daughter of an audacious nature crusader and mad-about-rocks geologist, I understand our dual demands on nature: sustain our souls and support our economy. The trick is achieving both, in harmony and balance. 

Born and raised in a Canadian city of millions I thrive on all things urban. Cafés and culture - traffic and crowds... To keep my sanity, I need time out. To quiet the mind and restore the soul there is no quicker way than to spend time outside in nature.

We can have it all: the hectic, electric city life and connection to the nature beyond it.  But it's easy to let ourselves get run down and find ourselves in need of a tune-up.

My career has been defined by one objective: be outside. I followed the warmer climate to Australia, where I could be outside more of the year. After living in Melbourne for 10 years, I travelled to Hobart with my Dad on holiday and fell in love with the place. He likes to remind me how I lamented, "If Tassie weren’t so far away I’d live here." He now laughs that I call Hobart home - for  the last eight years now.

The sum of my work as a Park Ranger, expert environmental educator and teacher, combined with 15 years training in mindfulness, has inspired me to create Nature. Be in it. 

Authentic time-out in nature with amazingly fresh, Tasmanian food and wine - you can't get any better than that!


I can't wait to share wild Tasmania  with you.


The Support Team 

Nature. Be in it. is a family affair and wouldn’t be the same without my local Mountain Man - Ben is lucky enough to call Mount Wellington / kunanyi his office. He knows all the nooks and crannies and has helped hand-build a fair few of the tracks over the years. 

His beautiful daughter Olive supplies us with never ending guidance on the best trees to climb, rocks to clamber over and creeks to splash through.

My Mountain Man and Mountain Girl keep me going with funny stories, tall tales and plenty of hugs. When you meet them at Nature. Be in it, you’ll see what I mean. 

What do others have to say?

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"Amazing experience with Kara for an immersive dinner up at Mount Wellington in a stone hut with a camp fire beautiful food and fantastic company.  Can't recommend this tour highly enough for anyone looking for a dinner experience done a little differently. Great for tourists who want to explore or locals who haven't been out and about in their back yard."                               - Belle, Oct 2016

"Had a great time experiencing nature from a totally different perspective and polished it off by enjoying delicious Tassie food and wine in a beautiful setting. Thanks Kara."                                            - Claire, Nov 2016

"What a beautiful, unique and special experience! And delivered so sensitively, thoughtfully and creatively. You have truly thought of everything Kara, and it's all those little details that make long-lasting memories. 
As an introvert, group activities wouldn't normally be my thing, but all your little tools and suggestions for looking at nature a little differently really made it a wonderfully intimate, relaxing and enlightening experience, shared with a small group of like-
minded nature lovers. I also loved the food, the wine, the chit-chat, the styling and the sharing as much as I enjoyed the walk itself - it all contributed equally to an overall sense of wonder and contentment."                                 - Natalie, Nov 2016



"I have never lain down in the bush before - the peace was amazing!"   

- Verity, Dec 2015


“I had never really taken time to observe the bush like I did. The Nature. Be in it. experience allows you to slow down and truly relax. I felt incredible happy and relaxed the next day. An amazing experience.”   

Anne, Dec 2015

“Everything was of the highest quality and well planned.  I love that you allowed for each person’s choice along the way.”  

Lesley, Dec 2015

“At the end of the evening I felt more calm and centred. I was more connected with my surroundings and felt more at ease and comfortable with my partner.”    

- Tracey, Dec 2015