Unique Group Experiences

Nature Be in it Day walk in gum trees.jpg

Day Nature Experience

The sunlight dances off the leaves in a way that lets you relax in the cool, ferny glade. Stepping into another world for the next 3 hours leaves you refreshed and recharged.

$135 pp  3 hours approx. Includes Tasmanian Lunch with still mountain spring water. 

Wednesdays & Fridays | on demand for groups 3+  |  Max 15 people

There is something special to dine in the great outdoors.

Twilight Nature Experience

Candles are lit and the table glows with a warmth that draws you in. Leaving the world behind for the next 4 hours does you a world of good. 

$175 pp 4 hours approx. Includes Tasmanian Dinner with Tasmanian Wine and Cheese. 

Thursdays & Saturdays | on demand for groups 3+   |  Max. 11 people

Nature Be in it Private nature tour couple on bench in forest

Private Tailored Nature Experience

Pausing to look up through tall trees that catch the sun's rays, you notice the city noise is replaced by blissful bush sounds. Kara leads you to a place where Tasmania’s iconic bush draws you in. You create memories that last a lifetime. Tailored to you and yours.

Starting $350 pp | Children $50 pp (includes private car) Half Day or Full Day.   Includes Tasmanian Lunch or Dinner with Tasmanian Wine and Cheeses.

On demand. All ages and abilities welcome. (Kara is gifted with children of all ages.)

Min. 2 adults  |  Max 4 people